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"Attack on the USS Liberty: An edited version of SRH-256" is a compilation of several vital documents related from both sides of the controversy.

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Contents include:

1. The partially-censored official investigation into the attack by William Gerhard of the National Security Agency. Among the interesting revelations in this report are the observations that the Deputy Director of the Agency, upon reviewing the Israel official report (Item #2, below), wrote in the margin, "a nice whitewash," and the comment of author Gerhard that "exculpation of Israeli nationals apparently (was not) hindmost in the calculations" of the Israeli court of inquiry.

2. Israel's official "preliminary investigation" into the attack by Israeli Judge Sgan-Aluf I. Yerushalmi which concluded that the attack was a "tragic accident," along with transmittal letter from Under Secretary of State Gene Rostow forwarding the report to the Secretary of State. Rostow notes that the Israeli government requested that the report not be released to the American public. Accordingly, that report has resisted all attempts to obtain release under the Freedom of Information Act and is still officially unavailable on the grounds that "release would embarrass an ally." It is available here only because it was leaked to USS Liberty survivors by a concerned senior US Navy officer.

3. The Salans Report. This is the official review of the Yerushalmi report by the Legal Advisor to the Secretary of State. Its author, Carl Salans, considers each of Yerushalmi's points item by item, rejecting each one in turn as untrue, unlikely, or contrary to sworn testimony of the crew. The Salans Report was itself classified top secret for many years until forced out under the Freedom of Information Act following more than $14,000 in legal actions by USS Liberty Deputy Historian James Miller.

4. The book contains numerous photos of damage and of recovery operations.

5. "A Juridical Examination of the Israeli Attack on the USS Liberty" by Lieutenant Commander Walter L. Jacobsen, JAGC, USN. This report, prepared by Commander Jacobsen as a graduate school thesis at George Washington University, provides an analysis of the attack in light of existing international precepts as they relate to intelligence gathering, freedom of the seas, aggression, and self-defense. The author concludes that the attack was not supportable in international law, that certain war crimes were committed by the attacking forces during the attack, and that a thorough, public investigation into the attack should be conducted by the United States Congress. Commander Jacobsen's thesis was published originally in the Winter, 1986, Naval Law Review. Commander Jacobsen was described by his faculty advisor at George Washington University as the most brilliant student ever seen in that professor's long career.

Commander Jacobsen died of cancer in 1991.

6. A five page bibliography of Liberty-related books, published articles, government documents, and media events.

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