What The Other Side Says

For years we have urged spokesmen for Israel and supporters of the "tragic accident" assertion to respond to our eyewitness accounts and evidence with their own side of the story. They consistently refuse to do that. Instead, they fire shotgun blasts, then run and hide, but they will not discuss the issues with us either publicly or privately.

Our critics claim we were not in a position to know what was happening in the Israeli war room, so we cannot possibly know whether the attack was deliberate. We do know that the Israeli version is untrue. Among other things, we know that the attackers did not circle three times at low level looking for a flag as they claim, we know that we were clearly identified when they claim we were not, we know that they continued to fire from close range for a long time after they say they stopped firing, we know that they machinegunned our life rafts from close range long after they examined our flag and markings from 50 feet away, we know from intercepted communications that they tried to sink a ship that they knew to be American and left only after American jets were en route to our defense, and we know for a certainty that the attack was a war crime under international law even if the official Israeli version of the circumstances were true.

Perhaps most important, we know and have proven that the attack itself was a war crime under international law. It was recognized by the United States as a war crime, but it was left unpunished for political reasons. The Israeli government was allowed by the American government to kill Americans for polical convenience.

We have shown the Israeli account and that of our critics to be untrue and have offered a $10,000 reward to anyone who can show that the accounts by their spokesmen are correct. That offer can be found at www.ussliberty.org/reward.htm. To date, no one has applied for the reward or attempted in any way to persuade us that the claims are true.

In an attempt to elicit some response from our critics, we have created a Court of Inquiry site at www.usslibertyinquiry.com with both the Israeli and American position presented in detail. We have created within that site a public forum for discussion of the issues. Rarely will anyone defend the Israeli position. Instead, they engage in one-sided insults and ad hominem attacks upon our credibility, motives or character.

Indeed, the only serious reaction has been from an appointed Florida magistrate (an appointed federal position not requiring Congressional confirmation) who has published a poorly written, badly selling book that is filled with errors and distortions including the false claim that multiple official investigations have exonerated Israel. His web site promises to correct any errors brought to his attention, but that, too, is untrue. We have written repeatedly to him with proof that his story is falacious, but he has so far failed either to respond or to make corrections.

Most of our critics appear to be draft dodgers who have never served their country and have no clue to what USS Liberty is all about but are driven by a need to defend those who attacked us. We survivors think of them at Self Hating Americans.

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