About the Egyptian horse carrier
El Quseir


This is the ship that Israel says they thought they were attacking when they attacked USS Liberty from the air for 25 minutes and then by torpedo boat for 40 minutes after circling the ship 13 times in daylight over more than nine hours to establish her identity.

For a discussion of the credibility of this excuse, see http://usslibertyinquiry.com/arguments/American/israelidefenses/elquseir.html

El Quseir was formerly El Amira Fawzia.
Displacement: 2,640 tons
Dimensions: 275x36x14 feet
Guns: 2 three pounders
Machinery: Triple expansion, 2 shafts,
IHP 2,130 = 14 knots
Boilers: 2 SE (working pressure 180 Lb.)
Fuel: Oil

El Quseir (El Amira Fawzia) was built by Swan, Hunter & Wigham Richardson, Ltd., Wallsend, England. Launched on 8 July 1929. Mercantile type. Fitted as transport for 400 men and 40 horses. Normally employed on coastal service carrying passengers. Pennant No. 91.

Source: Jane's fighting Ships, 1966-67 edition

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