Veterans Day
November 11, 2005
Marks the First Anniversary
of the
Exposure of the Gun Camera Fraud

USS Liberty pix

This Veteran's Day, 2005, marks one year since the Israeli gun camera fraud was exposed in these pages.

To date, despite much denial and ghashing of teeth, no one has presented any evidence that the Israeli gun camera photos are legitimate or that our exposure of the fraud is in any way faulty.

The Israel Ministry of Defense (IMOD) has not authenticated the gun camera photos published by Ahron Jay Cristol or used in the documentary produced by Thames, Ltd., and broadcast repeatedly on The Discovery Channel.. The last word from IMOD was, "We promise to check into it and get back to you." That was several months ago and they have so far ignored our follow-up inquiries.

Of course, none of this is surprising because the photos are truly fraudulent. They show circumstances (e.g., smoke on wrong side, operating draft too high, and SRR-20 dish antenna missing) that simply did not exist at the time of the attack. It is clear that the photos claimed to depict the USS Liberty while under attack are in reality doctored photos of the ship arriving at Little Creek, Virginia, in July, 1967.

While the motive for presenting fake gun camera photos is not well-understood, it is likely the photos were doctored to obscure photographic evidence, such as the marking AGTR5 on the bow that would have made the ship clearly identifiable to her attackers. Whatever the motive, the fact that they doctored the picture shows clearly that the Israelis are willing to go to any lengths to support their claim that the attack was not deliberate.

On this Veteran's day, 2005, let us all remember and honor the veterans who served and gave their lives to defend our nation, its Constitution and our freedoms; and please take a moment to reflect on the struggle for a full and fair investigation of the USS Liberty attack by the survivors and families of those killed in the attack.

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Jim Ennes and Joe Meadors

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