LBJ Library files on USS LIBERTY

LBJ Library                                             CO 126
August 1992                                             CO 1-6
ND 19/CO 1-6
List of Materials Available on the USS Liberty

On June 8, 1967, the Liberty, A U.S. Navy communications ship, was
attacked by Israeli gunboats and planes.  The following files include
material on the attack and the events subsequent to it.

The National Security File was the working file of President
Johnson's special assistants for national security affairs, McGeorge
Bundy and Walt W. Rostow.

National Security Council Histories, Middle East Crisis, May 12-June
19, 1967                                             NO. PAGES
      Box 18, Volume 4,    Tab 134                          11
      Box 19, Volume 7Appendix G, Documents #22, 25, 26      3
                      Appendix H, #45, 50, 54                3
                      Appendix I, #59, 85c, 85d, 100, 101, 10412
                      Appendix J (news conference transcripts)
#122, 123                                                   17

Country File, Middle East Crisis, Volume 4
      Box 107, #1, 44, 59, 169, 179, 208, 230~234n          50

Country File, Israel
      Box 143, Volume 12, #18, 18a                           3
      Box 145, "Eshkol Visit Briefing Book, 1/7~8/68," #51   2

Files of the Special Committee of the National Security Council
      Box 10, "Liberty"                                     29

Memos to the President.
This chronologically arranged series consists of memoranda (with
attachments) to the President from his national security advisers,
McGeorge Bundy and Walt W. Rostow.
      Box 18, Volume 32, June 21-30, 1967, #92a             17
(narrative based on report of the Court of Inquiry)

The Daily Diary is a log of the President's activities, appointments,
and phone calls.  Occasionally it includes information on the
substance of meetings and conversations (but not in this instance).
      June 8, 1967                                          18

State Department, Volume 1, Chapter 4, Part H, "Arab-Israeli
Conflict," pages 143~144                                     2

This permanent White House office was the main filing unit during the
Johnson presidency, though not the primary file for foreign policy
documents.  Material was filed under 60 major subject headings.  For
descriptions, see the finding aid for WHCF.
      ND 19/CO 1-6, Boxes 193-198

Transcripts of oral history interviews may be consulted at the
Library or borrowed directly from the Library by writing to the
Interlibrary Loan Archivist, Lyndon B. Johnson Library, 2313 Red
River Street, Austin, Texas, 78705.
      David G. Nes
      Paul C. Warnke.

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