Mystery Solved

For years, Liberty survivors and researchers have sought to learn why Israeli gun camera photography presented by Thames, Ltd., television and apologist Jay Cristol on the cover of his book is blurry with most details obscured. In fact, typical gun camera photos tend to be quite sharp. Why is this one so blurry, and what is the large white area near the starboard bow? The ship took no large hits in that area, so it cannot be explained as an explosion.

Ken Halliwell has answered the questions. The photo displayed by Cristol and others as "proof that the ship flew no flag" is in fact a doctored view of the ship just as she tied up at the pier at Little Creek, Virginia, in July, 1967, upon her return from repairs in Malta.

A close look at the two photos, with matching points circled by Halliwell, reveals that they are in fact almost the same picture -- but the "gun camera" view has been doctored to hide the flag and other identifying marks. If a viewer will look carefully, the American flag is flying from the stern in both pictures. Flags fly from a Navy ship's stern only in port; the flag flies from the mainmast at sea. This is a picture taken in port in July, not taken during the attack as claimed by the Israelis. It cannot possibly be a gun camera photo taken during the attack as the Israelis claim. If you look carefully, identical groups of men can be seen standing in identical places on the ship in both images. The white "splash" on the starboard bow is a doctored image of the tug boat that helped Liberty move to the pier at Little Creek.

Click here to see a side-by-side comparison of the docking photo and the fake gun-camera photo taken from the same series.

Upon close inspection, one can also see in the fake gun camera photo that the ship is floating high in the water. When the ship was attacked, it was heavily loaded and floating low in the water. The docking photo shows the ship lightly loaded and floating high after having just completed a crossing of the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean sea -- the same height as shown in the fake gun camera photo.

A close examination of the bow wave shows that this is also faked. Since the image used as "gun camera photograpy" was actually of the ship alongside the pier at Little Creek, it was necessary to create a fake bow wave to sustain the illusion of movement. This can be seen clearly if one compares the fake bow wave with a bow wave of a similar ship underway.

Yet their fakery knows no bounds. A close examination of the "smoke" in their faked gun camera pictures reveals that the smoke is actually depicted moving crosswise to the wind, and in fact there were no fires in that area.

Still further analysis of the four photographs, supposedly taken by a Mirage jet on the second attack run of the day, reveals that all four photos are taken from an identical position, which would not be the case if they were actually taken from a fast-moving jet aircraft. The fakers placed the supposed firing ring, the circle of dots, on the photographs to simulate a gun camera image, moving the ring from frame to frame. But the fakery is revealed by the fact that all four photos are taken from an identical position, not from a high speed jet approaching the ship on an attack run.

Click here to see the comparison.

Clearly the "gun camera" photos are faked.

Innocent people do not need to fabricate evidence. If this were a criminal trial, these criminals would be in jail.

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