USS Liberty Proclamations

Proclamations honoring the memory of USS Liberty have been issued by:

Vietnam Veterans of New York State
Vietnam Veterans of Nassau County, New York

City of Toledo, Ohio
City of St. Louis, Missouri
Village of Grafton, Wisconsin
City of Boulder, Colorado
City of Lincoln, Nebraska
City of Sheridan, Wyoming
City of Omaha, Nebraska
City of Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Town of Greece, New York
County of Monroe, New York
County of Tioga, Pennsylvania

District of Columbia
State of California
State of Colorado
State of Louisiana
State of Maine
State of Minnesota
State of Nebraska
State of New Hampshire
State of New York
State of Texas 1989
State of Texas 2005
State of Washington
State of Wyoming

President Bill Clinton
President Ronald Reagan
President George Bush

Resolutions calling for a Congressional Investigation
have been passed by:

American Legion
Veterans of Foreign Wars

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Jim Ennes and Joe Meadors

USS Liberty