State of Texas
Remembers USS Liberty

State of Texas
Office of the Governor
May 20, 2005

A Message from the Governor:

It has often been said that the actions of the brave allow us to live free in this great democracy that we so treasure. Today we know that no truer statement has been made.

Standing under freedomís banner, veterans throughout our history have answered the clarion call to duty, defending America and building this land of incompatible greatness for the generations to come.

No one has given more to our nation and to the cause of freedom than the men and women of the United States military, many of whom have made the ultimate sacrifice.

To veterans of the USS Liberty: All Americans recognize the sacrifice you have made in service to your country. On June 8, 1967, during the Six Day War, the USS Liberty was attacked by Israeli aircraft and motor torpedo boats with devastating consequences. Thirty-four Americans died and more than 170 were wounded, Now chronicled in our history, it is a day that will never be forgotten. On that day, the Libertyís crew responded valiantly. Captain William McGonagle earned the Congressional medal of Honor for extraordinary heroism and his ship received the Presidential Unit Citation. Forever, we will remember the service of the crew of the USS Liberty, patriots united in their mission, patriots who embraced the cause of all who serve: a world safe for democracy.

Old Glory flies high because of your strong commitment to the principles for which this great nation stands. To you and your families, Texas and America will forever be grateful.

It is also appropriate that we recognize all who, today, are standing at this very hour in harmís way, in the frontlines in defense of freedom, affording us all the opportunity to hold dear and fully enjoy our inalienable rights ≠ life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

On behalf of my fellow Texans, I am honored to officially recognize the patriotism of all who served on the USS LIBERTY.


Rick Perry


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