Why did Israel attack?

We are frequently asked, "Why did Israel attack?"

The motive is irrelevant. If motive were a factor, then Charles Manson should be released for lack of plausible motive.

The facts are clear. Nearly every researcher who has seriously investigated the circumstances agrees that the attack was deliberate. Evidence is overwhelming.

In any case, the attack on USS Liberty was a war crime even if one accepts the Israeli version of what happened, and we know that the Israeli version is untrue.

Most senior US government officials of the era and nearly every senior intelligence official agrees -- often based upon study of intercepted communications -- that Israeli forces deliberately attacked a ship they knew to be American. Why they chose to do that is not an issue.

We were an intelligence ship and they were doing something that they did not want the US to know about. One popular writer of Jewish fear-literature, John Loftus, writes in "The Secret War Against the Jews" (a Jewish version of The Turner Diaries) that Israel attacked deliberately because Israeli authorities believed that USS Liberty was relaying Israeli war plans to Egypt in order to assure the destruction of the Jewish State. That is patently ridiculous, but widely accepted even in Israel. Loftus claims to have documented his position through interviews with long lists of "retired old spies" whom he refuses to identify. While Loftus may be correct about Israeli paranoia, he is totally wrong about Liberty's mission. Liberty's primary mission was to collect intelligence on the Soviet forces in the area. The ship didn't even have a qualified Hebrew linguist aboard. So why did they attack?

Intelligence analysts agree that they attacked because they feared we might learn something that they did not want the United States to know.

That could have been

1. The planned invasion of the Golan Heights which was set to start a few hours after Liberty's arrival in the area. When Liberty arrived, the invasion was postponed for 24 hours, Liberty was attacked, and the invasion took place the next day. Did they postpone the invasion until Liberty out of the way and unable to report on the war?

2. It is possible that they were afraid that Liberty might learn and report to the United States that Israeli forces were executing up to 1,000 Egyptian Prisoners of War at El Arish at the very moment that Liberty was just 13 miles off shore.

3. It is also possible that USS Liberty was attacked to prevent the ship from reporting a deliberate massacre of 14 Indian United Nations peacekeepers that took place in Gaza shortly before Israel's attack on USS Liberty.

Israeli apologists dismiss these stories as untrue or wildly speculative, despite the fact that they are well documented. Israeli apologist-historian Michael Oren in his book "Six Days of War" and in published articles dismisses the claim as untrue claiming that, if it were true, there would be mass graves, reports in the major media, and great outcries from Egypt for justice.

Behold! There are mass graves, major media reports and cries for justice.

Attention is invited to

CNN reporting on the subject which reports the mass graves


and a TIME Magazine story which reports the outcry


More on the atrocities can be found in

Jim's report in The Washington Report on Middle East Affairs,
and in Jim Bamford's Body of Secrets.

On March 7, 2008, the Egyptian Administration ordered the Egyptian Foreign Ministry to investigate these very serious allegations.
For details see: http://egyptianpows.net/2008/03/07/the-foreign-ministry-is-officially-responsible-of-the-pow-case-in-egypt/

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